[Completed] 1st Time Buyer Event

Views 21476   Date 2/15/2013


All Golden Eggs have been distributed.

If you’ve never bought anything from the Dragon Vault, now’s your chance to get a little something special with your first purchase! First time buyers will get a free Golden Egg, which contains a random amount of gold between 50 and 100,000,
from February 16th to 24th.

Here are the details:

-     Date: 02/16 - 02/24

-     What: Purchase something from the Dragon Vault for the first time to receive a reward!

-     Reward: 1 Golden Egg


-     “1st Time Buyer” eligibility is based on first purchase made on account, not character.

-      Limit 1 Free Golden Egg per “1st Time Buyer”.

-      Reward will be distributed starting February 27th.

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