Dragon Duel Tournament

Views 50442   Date 2/27/2013

Living in Altera isn’t for the weak of heart. The place is crawling with monsters! If you don’t watch your back, you’ll be dragon food in no time! But all the nasty gnolls, murderous poochums, and terrifying dragons have proven one thing: the few proud adventurers capable of surviving the rugged Alteran wilderness are pretty darn tough. Now it’s time to find out who’s the toughest.

Introducing the Dueling Dragons Tournament!

The ultimate contest of strength and skill is arriving in March! If you’re level 32 or higher, you can be a part of the largest PvP tournament ever to grace Dragon Nest. The tournament will feature 64 players from Elena, Gerrant, Argenta, and Velskud, and 32 players from Leviatha. All you’ve got to do to sign up is head to the general forums on March 1st and follow the rules in the thread titled “The Dragon Duel Tournament Sign-Up Thread”.  Keep an eye out for the thread, because the slots are going to fill up fast!

Of course, no tournament would be complete without prizes.

1st Place winners will receive:
Gold Gackt Wings 

2nd Place winners will receive:
Green Gackt Wings

This is your chance for the ultimate honor. Stay tuned for more details on the tournament!

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