Complete Update Notes - Liverwort Liberators

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Defeat Kuzata in the Green Dragon Nest’s Hardcore Mode, complete new quests in the third Lotus Marsh update, and strengthen your equipment with a 3rd Suffix in the latest update!


Green Dragon Nest Hardcore Mode

Kuzata doesn’t take defeat lightly. After a party of adventurers recently managed to clear the Green Dragon Nest, the fearsome beast was inspired to toughen up. Now Kuzata’s back and stronger than ever in Hardcore Mode!

-      Recommended Level: 50 and above

-      Entry pass required: 1 Corrupt Astral Stone, which can be ontained by clearing Green Dragon Nest in Normal mode

-      Portal Location: Garden of Eternity in Saint’s Haven

-      Rewards:

-      Lv. 50 Legend Weapons, Armors, Accessories, & Sparks

Lotus Marsh Expands Again

The conflict at Lotus Marsh is far from over. Continue through new quests and side quests, and clear 2 new Lv. 40-50 dungeons!


-      Location: Liverwort Ruins within Liverwort Marina.

Valley of the Blind

-      Recommended level: 40 and above.

-      New Boss: Chief Tagrat.

Queen’s Garden

-      Recommended level: 40 and above.

-      New Boss: The Valley Queen.

New 2nd & 3rd Suffix

It seems that the darkness is growing stronger. The Order of Darkness has begun enhancing equipment with a 2nd & 3rd Suffix, but will it be enough?


-      Visit one of the Priestess of Darkness sisters in Saint’s Haven or Lotus Marsh.

-      Select the “Enhance Suffix” Menu and see all the amazing equipment that can be crafted.

-      This only applies to equipment that is Lv. 50 or higher.


New Active Mission System

An active adventurer is a healthy adventurer, and we aim to keep our adventurers in tip-top shape! Take part in the new Active Mission System to get great rewards and keep your skills razor sharp.


-      New missions will be activated randomly when a player enters a dungeon. (There is a chance of not getting the Active Mission when a player enters a dungeon).

-      Players will get rewards when they clear the Active Mission before clearing the stage.

-      These rewards will be sent to the Main Box when the Active Mission is completed.

-      Depending on the stage difficulty, rewards consist of items such as Sparks, Lustres, Rare Titles, and Materials.


Dragon Vault Update

The Dire Wolf has left the Dragon Egg, but Retro Halloween Costumes give you a whole new reason to be scared! Suit up with new Military Costumes or find a friend with the Cozy Angel Sheep and Sparkling Green Spirit in the latest Dragon Vault Update.


-      The Angel Sheep coupon and Sparkling Green Spirit have been added to the Dragon Egg.

-      Halloween costume packages are back on sale.

-      New Military style costumes have arrived.

To see more information, click here.


Bug Fixes:

-      All text within the PvP Tourney mode achievements have been translated.

-      “M:120164” no longer appears in the chat log when the room master switches sides in Tourney mode.

-      The “Cloth Chaser” title can now be unlocked.


System Improvements/Changes:


-      The Crafting UI has been drastically improved:

-      Set Equipment has been categorized separately.

-      The Crafting UI for Suffixes now allows players to sort items and weed out unwanted suffixes.

-      Technique equipment has been categorized by skill for each character class.

-      General goods have been categorized.

Titles Collection Book

-      Players can now view the list of titles and title collections from within the “Collection” tab in the Titles window.

-      While completing a Title Collection, players will receive progress updates in the mail from the Collection Helper.

-      For collections that have rewards, the rewards will be attached to the mail.

-      Players can also check the collection info and the required missions to obtain a specific title in the Achievements window.


-      Arena Quartermasters stand in front of fountains in Saint’s Haven & Carderock Pass to give players easier access into the Arena channel.

-      Players will need to select the PvP mode first before selecting the Arena map.

-      Players can now change modes after creating the room.

-      A new Arena EXP capsule has been added to the Arena shop.

-      The new Blessed Stone has been added to the Arena Elite Shop.

Events UI

-      A new “Daily Stamp” system has been added to the Event Window.

-      When the challenge mission is in progress or has been completed, the current status will be shown in the Helper at the top of the screen. Clicking on this will bring up the Event Window. Alternately, players can press the ‘V’ key, or click on the Event button at the bottom of the screen.

-      The challenge missions will be accumulated on a weekly basis and will reset every Saturday at 9:00 AM Pacific (12:00 PM Eastern).

-      Completing the challenge mission for 4 or 7 days, will give players rewards and a stamp. (4 days will give players the reward listed on the left side of the Reward section, while 7 days will give players the reward listed on the right side of the Reward section.)


New Monthly Achievements

-      New Monthly achievements have been added.

-      Monthly achievements reset every 1st of the month.

-      Depending on the character’s level, the amount of monthly achievements available varies.

-      These achievements can be viewed from the Achievements window.



-      Players can now see the CP of party members when a dungeon is cleared.

-      The Alt Key will no longer toggle drop names. Names of dropped items can always be seen.

-      Crankheart, in the Ancient Treasury dungeon, has been renamed to Gideon.

-      Improvements have been made to the ice ball shot by one of Cerberus’s heads. It will no longer awkwardly disappear.


Dark Gateway

-      Rankings will be reset on the first day of every month. Players will not be able to enter the Edge of Darkness during the hours of 6:00 AM Pacific – 9:00 AM Pacific (9:00 AM Eastern – 12:00 PM Eastern) while the ranking is being reset.

-      Paralysis in Edge of Darkness and Treasure Stage Zones has been reduced by 50%.


Server Storage

-      Except for Legend grade, Sparks can now be stored in the Server Storage.

-      Items from the PvP Ladder store can no longer be stored in the Server Storage.

-      Untradeable items can no longer be stored in the Server Storage.


General UI

-      Mousing over an item within the inventory window will now display its sell price.

-      The Goddess Teardrop has been changed from normal grade to epic grade.

-      The Gift Box window now has a [Receive All] button. This allows players to receive all gifts from the list. If receiving all gifts using this button, the gift impression will be set as “Satisfied.”

-      The Character window will no longer show guild names, but will now show MP Recovery amount. All stats will now display increases to the base stats from skills and equipment.

-      Players can now activate or deactivate the display of Arena Rank. This can be done through the Display tab within the Game Settings window.

-      Players can now choose to see the remaining time on active skills. This does not apply to passive skills. This can be done through the Display tab within the Game Settings window.

-      A new UI message appears when attempting to use Jellies when the item is already +12.

-      The automatic achievement helper function is now only available from Lv. 32 and up.

-      The Item Crafting Helper icon is now shown from Lv. 24 and up.

-      Saint’s Haven’s Arena NPC Officer Vincent has changed his location to the north fountain for better business.

-      Mousing over the ladder tab within the Arena lobby will display a bubble with entry conditions and rewards.

-      The number of clears for achieving Arena weekly event mission is reduced from 20 to 10.

-      The phrase “(Party of 4)” has been added to the quest title that introduces Edge of Darkness at Lv. 15 and 32.


Sea Dragon Quest

-      The “To the Sea Dragon ((Nest Separation Anxiety)” Lv. 40 quest has been added.

-      Quests related to Sea Dragon Nest will start with the “Leviatha’s Sudden Attack” quest which is attained from General Douglas after completing the Lv. 40 Saint’s Haven main quest.

-      Players who have already completed the quest related to Sea Dragon Nest can get the quest “To the Sea Dragon ((Nest) Separation Anxiety)” from NPC Stashy in Saint’s Haven.

-      Clearing this quest will provide a new cut scene and unlock Velskud’s poster in the Album tab within the Friendship window.


Balance Changes

-      Common Change

-      (PVP) Freeze damage has been changed from 50% to 30% for each additional freeze.

-      Paladin Changes

-      Divine Barrier

o     (PVE) Defense durability has increased.

o     (PVE) Attack power has increased.

o     (PVE) Cooldown has been reduced from 35s to 20s.

-      Divine Ascension

o     (PVE) Cooldown has decreased from 10s to 5s.

-      Divine Vengeance

o     (PVE) Cooldown has decreased from 10s to 5s.

-      Holy Kick

o     (Common) A player can now use skills right after Holy Kick.

-      Autoblock

o     (PVP) The probability of activating the Autoblock skill has been reduced by about 60%.

-      Aerial Block

o     Cooldown has been changed from 5s to 10s.

-      Guardian & Crusader basic stats have changed:

-      Elementalist Changes

-      Ice Shield & Fire Shield

o     (PVP) Super Armor’s increase rate has been reduced.

o     (PVP) Increased physical and magical damage reduced by 50%.

o     (PVP) Constant MP consumption was reduced from 1.5% to 1.0%.

-      Sharpshooter Changes

-      Walking Target

o     (PVP) The physical and magical damage increase rate has been reduced by 60%.

-      Acrobat Changes

-      Eagle Dive

o     (PVP) Attack power has decreased as follows:

-      Warrior Changes

-      Parry

o     (PVP) The chance to activate Parry skill has decreased by about 50%~70% depending on skill level.


Known Issues:

-      Daily, Weekly, or Weekly Mentor achievements that require the Arena Achievement Room cannot be obtained.

-      The In-game Content Update Window may need to be closed multiple times if a user logs back into a town after switching channels.

-      “M:2106” & “M:2127” appears when in the confirmation window while crafting an item.


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