Dark Weapon Coupon Exchange - One Day ONLY

Views 23318   Date 6/26/2013
Dear players,

After MUCH internal consideration we have decided to do a ONE TIME exchange on the Dark Weapon skins.

If you have accidentally used your dark weapon coupon on the wrong weapon skin, please submit a ticket with the title "Dark Weapon Exchange" and listing which item you intended to get. We will then exchange it for the correct item you listed in the ticket.
This is a ONE TIME ONLY exchange. All tickets must be submitted by Wednesday, June 26 at 11:59 PM Pacific.

*All tickets received after 11:59 PM Pacific requesting to have their Dark Weapon skin exchanged will not be considered for this exchange.
*Exchanges only apply to Dark Weapon Skins.

*Exchanged items will be distributed starting June 27th.
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