Dragon Vault Update - Master Mariners

Views 32392   Date 7/17/2013

Altera is expanding, and you can too! New items like the Character Expansion Scroll and Dual Skill Tree Expansion give you the chance to broaden your adventure, and new Marine Costumes will turn your character into a whole new person!

New Functional Items

Character Expansion Scroll
Open up another character slot so you can experience Dragon Nest with a fresh pair of eyes (and skills).

Dual Skill Scroll

Plant another skill tree so you can switch up your skills depending on the scenario!

You can spend gold to flesh out your second skill tree in any way you choose. Make a skill tree for PvP or just fill it with different skills for a change of pace.

To select a skill tree, open the Skills window and click on the build you want. This can only be done in town and the Arena lobby.


If a Scroll of Unlearning or Scroll of Unlimited Unlearning is used, the skill tree that is selected will be reset. The other skill tree will not be affected.


In Arena, you can choose which Skill Tree you want to use.

Note: This item will only add one additional skill tree per character. This item is non-tradable, so make sure NOT to purchase this item twice for the same character.


New Pet

Playful Tabby & Cute Tabby Pet


A Cat is the purr-fect companion when you’re out adventuring! You can even outfit your feline friend with super intimidating hats to scare off your enemies!

-      Price: 3,900 NX (a 30% Discount)



New Full and Partial Pet Dyes


Pets come in all shapes and sizes, and now they come in all colors too! Make your pet happy with a fresh, new color.

-      Price: 500 NX



New Costume

Get your sea legs about you with a trio of marine-inspired costumes!

-      Package Price: 29,000 NX (28% Discount)

-      Package includes 7 pieces costume w/ main & off-hand weapon

-      Main weapon effect: Skill level +1 to the skill of your choice below.


-      Can be purchased individually or in package.




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