Tel Numara Passage: The First Apocrypha

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You’re probably thinking, what the heck is an “Apocrypha”?! It’s a series of side quests that have as complex of a story as a main quest, but they’re completely optional. You’ll want to participate, though, if not for the rich story, then for the snazzy boss drops. This first Apocrypha takes place in the dungeons of Tel Numara Passage and involves deserts, time travel, a madman, and a corrupt corporation...


Starting the Apocrypha

To start the first Apocrypha, you have to be at least Lv. 50, though Lv. 60 is recommended. All non-Tinkerer classes can talk to Sorceress Trainer Stella in Saint’s Haven to begin the quest chain. Tinkerers should talk to Belin in Saint’s Haven.


Getting to the Tel Numara Passage

Tel Numara Passage contains four dungeons. To get to the dungeon hub, you’ll have to travel through Saint’s Haven’s south gate to Liverwort Marina, where you’ll find the portal to the Tel Numara Passage.


Miracle Sanctuary

A decade ago, Professor K came across a lustre of great energy, which he used as the foundation for a series of experiments. His goal? To bring his late wife back to life. Instead, he birthed a different creation. He named the area the Miracle Sanctuary, then closed the area off when his creation proved to be more sinister than he anticipated.


Institute of Mad Science

After the success at the Miracle Sanctuary, Professor K began experimenting in earnest. For six years, he tested animals, plants, mutated creatures, and anything else he could get his hands on. Then, he suddenly disappeared. The Institute of Mad Science was left abandoned, until his sister, Madam Claudia, resumed his research.


Edea Outpost

Jasmine’s out for vengeance. She’s brought her army into the present and has successfully established Edea Outpost, giving her a foothold in the desert. But the native monster tribes won’t take Jasmine’s invasion lying down.


Tel Nuaru Temple


Long ago, Gerrant sealed a mysterious device in the Tel Nuaru Temple. But now, Jasmine and her army have taken hold of Professor K’s research materials and are storming the temple. What does Gerrant’s device do, and why does Jasmine want it so badly?


Tensions are mounting, and you know things aren’t how they appear. Venture into the Tel Numara Passage, and see what truths you can uncover and what spoils you can pocket!


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