Dragon Nest Monthly - October 25, 2013

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Dear Loyal Subjects,

Oh my, is this how I’m supposed to start the monthly news? That doesn’t sound right. Uncle says that a king shouldn’t write to the plebeian masses, but General Duglas says it’s a good way to show the commoners that I care. Anyway, I’M the king, so if I want to write a newsletter, I’m going to do it!

Now, where was I? Right. I am King Cassius III, fourth in the Cassius line, ruler of Saint’s Haven and her dependent realms, and defender of the land from dragons, the poochum horde, and assorted villainy. And I’m here to give you the news! We’ve got lots of exciting things going on right now. You non-royals are really lucky you can go out and experience it without getting a body double to sit on the throne for you!

...Not that I would ever do that.

Zakad’s Awakening Update

Zakad’s returned? Oh no! Why didn’t anyone tell me this sooner? If the Desert Dragon eats the kingdom when I’M king, uncle will never forgive me! Er, I mean, don’t worry, people of Altera. I’m sending my best adventurer friends out to take care of that mean old dragon right away!

The Priestesses of Darkness tell me they’ve set up something called a “False Stronghold” in the Garden of Eternity. If you go there, you can challenge powered-up versions of nests from the past, like Apocalypse and Titan. You adventurers sure are lucky! Uncle would never let me go into a fun dungeon like that. Is there anyone who’s got it tougher than the king?

I’ve had my staff prepare a detailed report on Zakad’s Awakening, so be sure to review it. If it’s not too much trouble, I mean.

Dragon Vault Update – Eerie Elegance

Lady Kaylinn insisted I mention the new fashions in the Dragon Vault. I don’t understand her fascination with shopping—why doesn’t everyone just let their personal shopper buy all their clothes, like I do?—but even I’m a little excited about this update. Have you heard about these new “Wicked Dragon Eggs?” They’re like normal Dragon Eggs, but sometimes you find TWO items inside!

The new Halloween-themed costumes are quite frightening, too. And I’m sure that the stunning Inferno Corrupt Set would look stunning on my future queen... I mean... For all of the details, take a look here!

Desert Dragon Nest Clear Event

You know, they say that my great-grandfather defeated the Desert Dragon back in the early days of the kingdom. This was years before the Dragon Raid, mind you. But nobody knows if it really happened or not, because King Cassius I never left any record of fighting the dragon... Hmm, I’ll have to get someone to look into that for me.

What matters now is that the Desert Dragon is a threat to the kingdom, and we must stop it. For the good of humans everywhere, the royal castle is offering a reward to the first group that can clear the Desert Dragon Nest by November 20th. For more details, read the event post.

The Fete of All Flesh is Back!

The royal event system was my idea, you know. I love coming up with fun activities for adventurers, and uncle had a great time designing the royal event coordinators’ uniforms. This year, we’re giving away lots of cookies, gift boxes, and even some pets and hairpins for Halloween. Read up on what we’re doing for this year’s Fete of All Flesh!

The 2013 Dragon Nest Cosplay Contest

Did you know that some adventurers like to dress up as their favorite townsfolk, like Belin and Hubert? It’s true; I read it in a book! To honor these adventurers, we’re holding a cosplay contest. Show us your best impressions of your favorite citizens of Altera, and you could win 30,000 scales and a hoodie. And if you can do a convincing King Cassius III, I might have a job for you! You only have until November 7th to enter, so hurry over to the event post and enter today!

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