Dragon Nest Monthly - Community Spotlight Edition - Nov. 15, 2013

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Greetings rookies, it is I, the mightiest adventurer in all of Altera: the Great David!

Guess what? I stole-- er... found PinkIris and Glass Robot's Xmas lists. Whoo-wee, they have some embarrassing requests for Santa. A Snuggie, PinkIris? Really? I know they're comfy but have some fashion sense.

And Glass Robot... first off buddy, I don't think they make Robbie the Robot anymore. And even if they did, he's not a real robot, he's just a toy. He can't be your friend.

Whatever. If I were Santa I would give them all coal because there's clearly only one person on the planet awesome enough to deserve presents... THIS GUY.

I guess it's a good thing Yunnie and KingsBlue didn't invite me to join their amazing Dragon Nest Secret Santa. I would have just given them coal. The deadline to join has passed, but if you've already joined, then you're in for a treat. On December 20th, those participating will receive sweet artwork, fanfic and other great presents from their Secret Santa! Don't forget to turn your present in or, you know... I'll throw coal at you.

We all know David is the greatest artist in existence, but I'm also the best writer. So I'm pretty jelly of those who made the November 8th deadline for Lou's Super Duper Writing Contest. The Dragon Nest fan with the best writing skillz will win a full set of blue mats which they can use to craft any Level 60 epic set. Check in with Lou to see who won!

Some people like their fan art done in anime style and some don't. Personally I only like drawings I did myself, as they're clearly the best. But if you're looking for an art shop that can do both anime and regular style works, then you should check out Simatic's Art Shop. It's nice having options.  

That's all, folks! If you missed it I wrote a sweet article last month, too. I'll see you in December! Now if you'll excuse me I need to steal... er, I mean borrow PinkIris' Christmas tree. I um... burned mine down.

Don't ask.

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