Dragon Nest Digest - Vol. 6: Mentoring

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Mastering the Mentorship System

In Dragon Nest, the key to success is a strong social network! Meeting the right players can be difficult, but the Mentorship system makes it a little bit easier.

If you’re level 40, you can extend a helping hand to 3 lower level characters at a time, and help teach them the ins and outs of Dragon busting. Whether Mentor or Pupil, this system will deal out hot rewards!

Respect Your Elders
So you want to be a Mentor, eh? Are you level 40 or higher? Yes? Congratulations, you’re half-way there.

Put the Word Out

The most effective way to successful mentoring is to get your name out. From your Social Menu (Hotkey: O), you can click on the Mentor Tab to see all your Mentor options. Click the Share Intro button, and you can set your own custom Mentor Introduction.

Mentor Intros are a great way to get your name out in the Mentor Community, but another good idea is to advertise yourself in a crowded chat channel, such as Saint’s Haven, Channel 1, on a weekend. Also, never underestimate the effectiveness of a Blue Courier Bird on a busy day.

Make it Personal

Some mentors like to take the old-fashioned personal approach. To make a request, mouse over the character you wish to Mentor, then left click on them and click Request. If the player accepts your request, they will be your Pupil until they reach level 30.

Mentorship Comes With Benefits
While in a dungeon with your apprentice, your Power points will not be consumed and your equipment durability does not decrease. Mentors also receive various gifts and titles as their pupil reaches certain levels and completes certain achievements.

Dilated Pupils

Any player between the levels of 10 and 30 may become a Pupil. Simply look for a Mentor’s advertisement in the Social Window or send an individual request to a prospective teacher.

Check Out the Classifieds

You can check out all the Mentor Intros by clicking on the Mentor Tab in the Social Menu. Click on a Mentor that appeals to you, and you can see details on their level, class and how many Pupils they already have. Try to find one with a large number, as these Mentors likely run dungeons with their Pupils. If you’ve found the Mentor that’s right for you, click Participate to send them a Pupil request.

Direct Action

You can also make a personal request if you see a player who you want to Mentor you. To make a request, mouse over the desired character, then left click on them and click Request. If the player accepts your request, they will be your Mentor until you reach level 30.

Try a Little Respect
Mentors gain Respect points each time they try to help pupils run a dungeon. These points are displayed in Social Window mentor ads. Mentors with lots of respect totals tend to have better reputations in the game and have an easier time finding pupils.

Apt Pupil

When running dungeons with your Mentor in a party, you will receive 10% bonus EXP, plus 5% Bonus EXP for every one of your other Pupil of your Mentor in your party. If you have more than one mentor, you will receive an extra 10% EXP bonus for each mentor you run a dungeon with at the same time.
When you reach level 40, you graduate from being a Pupil and become an Alumni. At this point, you can go out and find your own Pupils!

Friendship Is Magic

Every time a mentor helps a pupil complete a dungeon, they will earn a certain number of friendship points. The more friendship points a mentor has, the better the rewards both mentor and pupil get when the pupil hits level milestones.

Every Step You Take

Pupils receive Mentor Gift Boxes when they reach levels 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and finally 40. These Gift Boxes contain awesome accessories, and will give you an edge in any tough dungeons. In addition, when the Pupil graduates at level 40, they will receive a Mentor’s Pride Giftbox, which contains an incredible free Epic Necklace.

Mentors aren’t left out of the free item fun. They can receive packages with Lustres and Octagonal Water as an incentive to keep finding active Pupils.

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