[Updated] Snow Day: +50% EXP & Item Drop Bonus! (1/3/14 - 1/5/14)

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UPDATE: It looks like Altera isn’t the only place experiencing a Wintertide cold front. The city of Boston has had over 14 inches of snow which means we will be gifting one free Dragon Egg per account to all accounts that login between 1/3 and 1/5. 

Dear players,

It looks like the Northeast is prepping for a winter storm Hercules. Most importantly, I hope everyone and their families are safe throughout the storm. On the bright side, a storm of this magnitude can result in a potential "snow day" from work or school!

I grew up in NYC and New Jersey and spent many days with my nose pressed up against my window praying for Nor'easters (so that I could stay home and play video games). Running back and forth between the window and the Weather Channel, I witnessed the blizzards of '94 and '96 which delivered bonus one week and two week vacations, respectively.

Feeling a bit nostalgic, I thought I could try to share that same feeling with our players in and outside the Northeastern United States. 

On Friday, we will be giving players a 50% bonus to Hunting/Clear Dungeon EXP and 50% bonus to Item Drops starting 12 pm PST in celebration of the Snow Day.

If snow fall reaches 12 inches or more in NYC or Boston, we will give those players who logged into Dragon Nest a bonus surprise!

Be safe, stay warm, and good luck with the snow days!


5tove, CEO
Twitter: @5tove
Instagram: @5tove
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