News about recent Dragon Nest outage

Views 10353   Date 1/16/2014
Dear Dragon Nest players,

Over the past week we have experienced a number of DDoS attacks against our services which has resulted in temporary loss of service and connection difficulty for our players.

Unfortunately attacks of these kind aren’t something we can completely safeguard against due to their unpredictable and sudden nature.

Our IT and Game teams have been responding as quickly as possible by shutting down potential avenues being used by the hackers. We have successfully shut down a number of these attacks over the last few days and will continue to work to prevent future ones.

Apologies to our loyal players for the inconvenience caused. Please rest assured that the game teams are doing everything in their power to combat the disruption caused by these individuals.

If you have lost any durational or single use items during these outages, then please submit a ticket to Customer Support with the subject line “Dragon Nest Outage” and a Customer Support representative will gladly replace those lost items for you.

You can submit a ticket by browsing our Customer Support page here:

We value your time spent in Dragon Nest and wish to make things right.

Thank you,

-The Dragon Nest Team-

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