Dragon Nest Monthly - January 31, 2014

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I can hear the battle raging outside my doors. My clone army is formidable, but is it truly powerful enough to stop the ferocity of barbarian adventurers such as you? Technology is on my side... but still... how could I have been so careless? How could I let you troglodytes get this far? You are no match for the intellect of the mighty Jasmine!

Impossible! I have been studying your time for some time now. I know all! You are a vain people, so concerned with your looks and your "fashion." I cannot deny your Level 15 Magic Costumes are... stylish. And my clone, the Tinkerer, does look particularly adorable in her Diamond Cutie outfit. But still... the great Jasmine has no time for such trivialities.

And horses? Mounts? You backwards bumpkins still ride beasts of burden? Where are your flying cars, I ask you? I may not look as cool flying my hovercraft as you do atop your Royal Crimson Stallions and Chestnut Fire Mares, but at least it's a hybrid! I may be a maniacal overlord, but I still care about the environment.

In my time, horse racing is a thing of the past. Instead, we place bets on Robo Quackum vs. Robo Poochum races. You might argue that racing specially programmed robots lacks the unpredictability of your Triple Crown Arena Race, but have you ever seen metallic poochums tear each other to pieces? Far more exciting than a simple horse race, even one that celebrates
the Year of the Horse.

Perhaps the archaic barbarians currently cutting a swathe through my clones got this far thanks to the Talisman System. I never used magical runes to get ahead... I made my own success! You think anyone helped me make a clone army? Nope. All me. I don't rely on the kindness of others!

And yet, when I look at your Astral Guardian, Arisuna, and all the wonders she's achieved for your community, I cannot help but feel my cold heart warm slightly. Only slightly! I keep my heart chilled on ice for maximum evilness. But if Arisuna can accomplish all that, I wonder what other Alterans, Alterans just like you, could achieve. If I survive to see next month's Astral Guardian, perhaps I will find out...

I suppose magic is how those dastardly adventurers got so powerful. With the Talisman System, Warriors, Archers and Kalis alike can boost their Strength, Agility, even their Intellect! Perhaps I underestimated the power of magic... surely it cannot triumph over science!

And so it has come to this: my last stand. Perhaps meddling with the timestream was unwise. But how could I not, knowing what I know, having seen what I've seen? Sending the Tinkerer back was the only way to ensure I would control the future. I suppose, not to make a pun, but time has finally caught up with me.
The door to my lair has almost splintered. The barbarians are upon me. I will stand strong. No one can stop the great and powerful Jasmine. I control time!! Time, I tell you!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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