Weekend Sale: PWR Potion Promotion

Views 11638   Date 7/10/2014

The new Assassin class is coming soon, and to help you get prepared we're hosting a special sale this weekend. From Friday, July 11 (00:00:00 PDT) to Sunday, July 13 (23:59:59 PDT), for every 3,000 NX you spend in Dragon Nest, you'll get one 500 PWR Potion, free of charge. You can receive a maximum of 10 PWR potions during the sale period.

These potions are a great way to help extend the amount of time you can play with your new Assassin without incurring Experience or Drop penalties. However, feel free to use them on any character- they will stay in your special storage for 60 days before expiring.

From the shadows, the Assassin emerges... are you ready?

Note: PWR potions will be distributed by Tuesday, July 15.
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