The Seven Deadly Sins Event

Views 40575   Date 7/16/2014

The Assassin (or should we say 'Sin?) has arrived. We know our most loyal fans have been eagerly awaiting this new character's introduction, and we want to reward your enthusiasm! That's why we're hosting a special month-long event to celebrate the arrival of Dragon Nest's deadliest character.

Become the Assassin and master the shadows today! Read on for the full details.

Dates: Wednesday, July 16 – Wednesday, August 13

Details: Complete challenges to receive special titles inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins, plus prizes including Dragon Eggs and cosmetic items. The event must be completed on Assassin characters, or other character classes created after the Assassin Update on July 16. Instructions for obtaining each title are as follows:

Gluttony - People Eater title: Lead the Ghoul team to victory 200 times in the PvP Arena's Ghoul Mode.
Greed - Queen of Greed title: Unlock all of the Queen's Garden achievements in Abyss mode.
Sloth - Pacifist title: Clear a stage without attacking.
Envy - Jealous title: Clear 23 rounds in the Jealous Atrium.
Pride - Seliana Fan title: Reach 90% Friendship with Cleric Trainer Enoc.
Wrath - Brawler title: Complete all 50 Kills achievements (in the arena, perform 50 kills against each class)
Lust - Our Hearts are Full title: Receive 100 or more likes from other characters.

You will be awarded the following prizes for completing each challenge:


Bonus Farm Pass and Growth Accelerator (30)



Golden Dragon Egg


Magnifying Glass (10)


Adventurer's Bag (30 slot)


Vampire Red Eyes and Purple 01 Hair Dye cosmetic options



Dual Skill Scroll


Playful Kitty Pet

Unlock all seven titles with the same character and you'll earn yourself an even better bonus! If you received all seven while playing as a single Assassin character, you will be rewarded with a Black Dire Wolf mount (Ravens, Abyss Walkers, and unspecialized Shinobi) or a White Dire Wolf mount (Reapers, Light Bringers, and unspecialized Taoists). If you receive all seven titles while playing as a single character but one of a different class than the Assassin, you will be rewarded with 10 Dragon Eggs instead.

Note: All rewards for collecting titles on the Assassin will be delivered to the Assassin character.
Note: Dragon Eggs, Gluttony, Pride, Lust, and Sloth rewards will be delivered to account Special Storage for all other (non-Assassin) characters. Greed, Envy, and Wrath, however, will be delivered to character Special Storage.
Note: All rewards will be distributed by Friday, August 15.
Note: Rewards are available for ONE Assassin and ONE other character class per account.
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