Future Content Stream - August 11th at 5:00 PM Pacific!

Views 12973   Date 8/8/2014

Greetings, brave guardians of Altera!

Be sure to join LeftClick, the Associate Production Manager for Dragon Nest on Monday, August 11th at 5:00 PM PDT to see some of the awesome new content coming to Dragon Nest next week! We'll be streaming live on our channel. You'll want to be there live, as we'll be handing out prizes to a few lucky viewers. Can't make it? Don't worry, the broadcast will be archived for your later viewing pleasure.

Here's some of the content we'll be showing off:

Saint's Haven Defense

We'll be showing off a new game mode called Saint's Haven Defense. In this mode, you're tasked with defending the peace against the deadly Basilisk. Defeat this monstrous reptile during certain times of the week to earn rewards.

Arendel Trial Mode

The bosses that guard the Mist and Guardian Nests have joined forces and offer a challenging new dungeon mode. It's hard, so come and laugh at LC while he gets tag-teamed and rekt by some of Dragon Nest's hardest bosses.

Hero's Battlefield

That's not all! Hero's Battlefield is a new arena where you can take on classic bosses from Dragon Nest's storied history. Team up with Argenta, Gerrant, or Velskud and thump the skulls of old bosses, story characters, and even the Four Heroes!

Dragon Vault Updates

Two new costume sets as well the newest Rare costume set will be revealed. Dragon Egg contents have been updated as well - be the first to see the new items contained inside!

See you Monday, Alterans!
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