Complete Update Notes – The Proving Grounds

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Saint’s Haven Defense

Saint's Haven is garnering a notriety for being a target. First the Dragon Cultists attacked, and now after being rebuilt, a new threat looms in the distance. A giant basilisk from Tel Numara is on a collision course with the castle. Help the Royal Guard and Adventurer’s League protect Saint’s Haven from the walking death machine that is the Basilisk.

To beat the basilisk back, click here.

Arendel Trial Nest

The fallen guardians of the Arendel Nests have followed suit in lieu of the corrupted guardians of the Arendel Forest. The fallen guardians have teamed up to take back what is rightfully theirs, to reclaim their lost homeland. Form a raid, a party, or even solo (if you dare) to prevent the fallen from re-taking control.

-Recommended level: 70 and above
-Party Requirement: 1 – 6 Player(s)
-Entry pass required: 1 x Tree of Life’s Blessing (from clearing Guardian Nest or Mist Nest in the Garden of Eternity (Lv. 70))

-Lv. 70 Epic Accessories, Lv. 70 Epic Enhancement Crest Plates, Superb Lustres, and Lv. 70 Epic Skill Dragon Gems

The Hero’s Battlefield

The Chaos Rifts have merged, and a new dimension awaits. The Dimensional Rabbit often refers to this new dimension as “the Goddess’ Dream,” but the true adventurers call it “The Hero’s Battlefield.” Take up arms and enter your new unending playground. Team with Gerrant, Argenta, or Velskud to fight the enemies of Altera’s past, as well as the other heroes who swore to protect the world. Don’t let the Goddess’ Dream become a nightmare in reality! Train to become the Knight of Dreams, the Hero of the world, the ultimate protector of Altera and the Goddess! That is of course, until the Goddess wakes up.

-Recommended level: 70 and above
-Party Requirement: 1
-Entry pass required: 1 x Dimensional Box Key

-Brilliant Technique Fragments, and level 70 Epic Skill Dragon Gems

Dragon Vault Update

The last days of summer are here! Finish the summer with a stormy, sporty new look or even have a blast at the beach with all new Lv. 15 magic costumes. Not to be outdone, the new items in the Dragon Egg are totally electrifying!

To take a peek in the Dragon Vault, click here.

Patch Notes

Bug Fixes

-The names of the Assassin Legendary gear no longer display as MIDs.
-The title for completing Ruins of Lost Time on Master within 15 minutes has been fixed.
-The “Earrings” option is now present in the NX Accessories section of the Marketplace.
-The untranslated quest from Belin, “Writing the Future” is now translated.
-The Kali costume “White Visionary Headscarf” now displays properly.

System Improvements and Changes


-Battle Records and Feats have been added to the Open Menu.
-Critical damage has been increased in PVE and PVP.
-Critical damage in PvE can now go as high as 3x damage.
-Critical damage in PvP can now go as high as 2x damage.
-Remote Quests for Saint’s Haven Defense has been added.
-Gunther has a shop that exchanges the Silver Coins from Saint’s Haven Defense for items.
-The Dragon Cup Shop has been removed.


-The Brilliant Technique Fragment has replaced the Dim Technique Fragment, the Faint Technique Fragment, and the Glowing Technique Fragment.
-Lv. 70 Technique Items can now be crafted.


-The entry item for Arendel Trial Nest has a chance to drop from Guardian Nest and Mist Nest.
-Chaos Rift Kamala, Chaos Rift Viera, and Chaos Rift Padma have been removed.
-Skill Dragon Gems have been added to all Lv. 40+ Hell mode nests rewards. (Excludes False Stronghold, Desert Dragon Memoria, and Dragon Expedition)


-Two new maps have been added to the Arena.
-Royal Castle Rumble
-Forest Gauntlet
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