Summer Never Ends – Cash Shop Update

Views 30879   Date 8/14/2014

As summer turns to fall, thunderstorms become more common. While the goblins cower in their caves, Alterans are having a party. What's a little rain when you're having the greatest summer bash of all time? To celebrate this electric boogaloo, shopkeepers are selling crackling new outfits, and a pair of wings powered by the storm itself!

Dragon Egg Update

Dragon Eggs are being updated this month, with the addition of the Superconductor Wing Set, a pair of wings powered by thunder and lightning. Crack open an egg and you could find an electric-powered Superconductor Wing set, tail or decal.

This ultra-rare costume set comes with the following stats:

20 Strength, Agility, Intellect, and Vitality
15% Movement Speed
20% Additional Movement Speed in Safe Areas

50-50 Phys Damage
50-50 Magic Damage
2.00%-2.00% Phys Damage
2.00%-2.00% Magic Damage
2.00% MP Recovery

50-50 Phys Damage
50-50 Magic Damage
1500 Max HP
1500 Max MP
1.00% Defense
1.00% Magic Defense

Set Bonus:
2: 20 Strength, Agility, Intellect, and Vitality
3: 150 Phys Damage, Magic Damage
3: 50 Final Damage

Limited Edition Summer Costume & Stylish New Swimsuit Costume

Lightning is the new black, and the Summer Storm outfits are as striking as they get. This 7-piece set and unique weapon skin comes in several variations for all classes, and is great for dark and stormy players. Brooding? Hardly. These outfits are truly electric, and will catch the eye of all the guys and gals in Saint's Haven.

Before you head back to work or school, you should try to hit the beach at least once. They say the shores of Altera sparkle like diamonds when the sun is high—so don a swimsuit and go get some rays! This 2-piece set comes as a bikini or one-piece suits for the ladies and a variety of stylish trunks for the guys. Try one today!

Archer's Electro-Coture Set: Navy, Striped, Floral; Noble Beach Set

Assassin's Shadow Jolt Set: Black, Gold, Red; Sharp Shark Set

Cleric's Stormchaser Set: Dark, Bright, Striped; Chill Wave Set

Kali's Polarity Set: Blue, White, Striped; Luxury Poolside Set

Sorceress's Thunder Road Set: Dark, Purple, Brown; Classy Splash Set

Tinkerer's Mini-Magnet Set: Navy, Bright, Red; Tiny Shallows Set

Warrior's Summer Shock Set: Blue, Dark, Green; Sleek Aqua Set

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