Dragonfire in August- Beat the Heat With Sales & Events

Views 12401   Date 8/21/2014

It's August and that means it's hot. Really hot. In fact, it's so hot in Altera that everyone's wondering if the lands have been scorched by dragon breath. Cool off with a special sale and a new event. Read on for more info.

Golden Summer Sale

Dragon Eggs are one of the most precious commodities in Altera, and the illusive Golden Egg is even harder to track down than the rest. How does a free one sound? From Friday, August 22 to Sunday, August 24, purchase a 30-day EXP Scroll and receive a Golden Egg completely free of charge. Golden Eggs have anywhere from 50 – 100,000 Gold inside... because everyone knows dragons love to hoard gold.

Note: One Golden Egg per account.
Note: Golden Eggs will be sent to Account Special Storage by Tuesday, August 26.


From Monday, August 25 – Friday, August 29, take part in a special event sure to supercharge your favorite character. During the event period, at 3 PM PDT daily, every character will receive 1000 Power. The Power is available for use to all characters on all accounts, but expires the next morning at 9:00 AM PDT. Power determines how quickly you gain EXP and how plentiful your loot and coin drops are, so be sure to take advantage of the event. If you haven't hit the Level 70 cap yet, this is the perfect opportunity to level up.
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