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1992 Honda CRX Del Sol SiR EG2 B20B VTEC Swap Nicely Modified

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In addition to your comments on roof seals.

  • I replaced my manual antenna with an electric one about 10 years ago so I don't have people breaking off my antenna mast anymore! In 1996, the del Sol would receive a minor interior and exterior styling refresh.

  • And even that level of faith and devotion doesn't match the fidelity Dave has shown toward the Honda Del Sol.

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You can just swap engines and suspensions like wives at a key party.

  • Die Hebeeinheit ist im Kofferraum untergebracht, sodass gegenĂĽber der Version mit manuell abnehmbarem Dach nur noch 140 Liter Kofferraumvolumen fĂĽr Gepäck zur VerfĂĽgung stehen.

  • Like many of the 90s legends they are becoming more scarce by the year.