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She has admitted to failing every diet she tried, including the Lemon Detox, Danish Diet, and juicing.

  • As she is only 19 years old, Yuna is expected to grow and mature with an even more explosive look.

  • Not only 's , but her body double is getting a lot of attention right now.

Girls' Generation Yoona and ITZY Yuna Cause Visual Explosion at 2021 MBC Gayo Dajejeon

She also revealed her wish to shoot for a chocolate commercial,maybe in the near future the girls will be the endorsers of certain chocolate's brand,then her wish will come true then! The success of Yoona's music and acting careers have led her to various , notably long-term collaborator , and have established her as a top -actress of.

  • An online community for the upcoming Chinese drama ' God of War Zhao Yun' released photos on set of YoonA wearing beautiful, yellow traditional clothing next to a photo of a man with long hair wearing the same outfit.

  • She wants people to treat her as a lady,not a girl.

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