Wisconsin videos - Waukesha Christmas Parade Videos Capture Moment Red SUV Ran into Crowds

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SUV plows through Wisconsin Christmas parade

A person is in custody.

  • The individual is yet to be identified by law enforcement officials.

  • This session introduces basic computer terms and functions, as well as Internet safety.

Video emerges of SUV barreling through Wisconsin parade

Waukesha, though, will not be defined by the horrific events of last night.

  • On January 31, 2022, Newsmakers Host Lisa Pugh sits down with veteran legislator Senator Jon Erpenbach to discuss, among other things, his legacy after serving 24 years in the state legislature, how he kept humor at the forefront despite high tensions and where he goes from here.

  • That footage, published previously but with little context, shows an object tilting like a spinning top moving against the wind.

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