Yharnam - Bloodborne 'Return to Yharnam' is a player

Yharnam White werewolf

Yharnam Bloodborne

Yharnam Queen Yharnam?

Which Yharnam is the 'real' Yharnam? (SPOILERS)

Yharnam Ghost of

Bloodborne 'Return to Yharnam' is a player

Yharnam Shadows of

Yharnam White werewolf

Yharnam Yharnam Hunter

Yharnam Bloodborne 'Return

White werewolf yharnam : bloodborne

Yharnam Yharnam, Pthumerian

Yharnam Bloodborne 2

White werewolf yharnam : bloodborne

The player can carry other offensive weapons, such as , throwing knives, and pebbles.

  • With these striking similarities, we can assume that both Abhorrent and Darkbeasts are the same class of beasts, with Darkbeasts simply being older and larger than Abhorrent Beasts.

  • We know he most likely worked under a well established Healing Church, and thus probably used the modern strain of blood.


Gameplay screenshot of the Bloodborne , showing the player battling one of the game's , the Cleric Beast.

  • If you go left before the bridge to the right of where you dropped down, you can find a dog guarding a corpse with Coldblood Dew.

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