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5 People Who Ruined Their Lives With Social Media Posts

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The Ethics of Mob Justice

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The Ethics of Mob Justice

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29 Social Media Posts That Ruined People's Lives

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People Whose Careers Were Ruined Due To Controversial Tweets

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Disgust, Distributed: Virtual Public Shaming as Epideictic Assemblage

User HannahBuhnanz said that she ran the marathon and knows that 'angry responses are exactly what fueled the bombings to begin with.

  • A man with the same last name as her was put in the hospital after being jumped because the attacker thought that he was her father.

  • Ultimately, though, what I want to argue is that the accounts of traditional epideictic described above are not so much defining characteristics of epideictic as they are the result of an enmeshment in specific types of technological assemblages: complex, dynamic entanglements of material and discursive factors that produce specific kinds of relations and effects.